• 69 Clouston Street, Glasgow
69 Clouston Street, Glasgow

Clouston Street, Glasgow

This is a tenement building in the West End of Glasgow that previously consisted of ten, three bedroom flats. The owners approached us to carry out a site appraisal to ascertain the most commercially viable and profitable configuration for the building. We advised that higher prices could be substantiated and therefore recommended the flats be designed to a premium spec. The figures all stacked up and we were awarded the contract.

The project started with significant down takes and removal of 40-year-old interiors. We retained all the original layouts and features and reskinned internally. The key to success was to efficiently manage the subcontractors to ensure each followed the timing plan and worked as a team. It was also important to have minimal disruption for the neighbours and closely work with the local council (since the building was of architectural interest).

The project was completed within the original timescale enabling the client to meet their target of selling at the best time of year.

Project Details

  • Name : 69 Clouston Street
  • Location : Glasgow
  • Date : 2016